Electric Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are an important investment that requires careful planning and consideration. There are many factors that come into play when purchasing a power wheelchair. No matter what your criteria is, Sherman Oaks Medical can help you find the best option to fit your needs.

Whether you are replacing your current Power Wheelchair or shopping for your first electric powered wheelchair, Sherman Oaks Medical has the inventory and expertise to make sure you are getting the electric powered wheelchair that is right for you. We understand that the vast variety of power chairs can be overwhelming, & we are here to help. By understanding the features and benefits that the different models offer, you can be certain of which electric power wheelchair will best meet your needs.

Sherman Oaks Medical carries travel power wheelchairs, standing power wheelchairs, & bariatric power wheelchairs. Some of our most popular power wheelchair manufacturers are LEVO, Sunrise, Golden, Pride, & Whill. Visit us in our Los Angeles showroom to speak with our knowledgeable ATP for expert advice.

What is an Electric Wheelchair / Power Chair ?

An electric wheelchair, also called a power wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, or powerchair, is a chair that has an electronically powered base allowing for the user to drive around with a one hand remote. Electric wheelchairs take away any of the pain or stress that comes with using a standard manual wheelchair. Now the user can be completely aware of there surroundings and can easily move and navigate the chair around with just one hand on the joystick. There are different types of power wheelchair.

Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs

Front Wheel Drive electric wheelchairs have may benefits. When the drive wheel is in the front of the chair the chairs has the power to go up slight inclines and over small obstacles. Another advantage is that since weight is distributed between the 4 wheels the chair can perform better on soft terrain such as grass or gravel. Front Wheel Drive chairs do not have any small caster sticking out in front of the chair so navigating through doorways is much easier. Also the users feet can be positioned comfortably since no front casters are in the way.

Mid Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs

A Mid Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair has the main drive wheels of the chair directly in the center. This design is beneficial because the chair is able to turn in place with a tight turning radius. This is extremely beneficial as it helps navigate through the home in narrow spaces. As far as stability, mid wheel drive chairs are the most stable. They have 6 wheels that are on the ground, the 2 main drive wheels and the 4 caster wheels. Mid Wheel Drive chairs are a great option for users who want more stability and are in the home.

Rear Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs

Rear Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs have the large drive wheels on the back of the chair. These chairs have 4 wheels with the drive wheels in the back and the 2 front caster wheels. Rear wheel drive chairs have a lot of power allowing for good navigation outdoors. Rear Wheel Drive Chairs have a very wide turning radius due to the wheels being in the back of the chair. This can make the chair difficult to navigate in the home, but a powerhouse to use when outdoors.

Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Folding Electric Wheelchairs are different from the traditional power chair. These are designed for travel so they feature a smaller base and smaller chair size overall. They are meant for traveling, so it is not something to be sat in for the entire day. These chairs come in a style that is able to fold into one piece that weighs around 50 lbs. or they make versions that come apart into multiple pieces with the heaviest piece being around 30 lbs.

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