Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are an essential addition to durable medical equipment. Sherman Oaks Medical can help take the weight off your shoulders with the aid of one of our many types of patient lifts. We carry Manual Patient Lifts, Electric Patient Lifts, Sit-to-Stand Patient lifts, Portable Patient Lifts, & Bariatric Patient Lifts. Along with patient lifts, we also carry different slings & accessories. With the best manufacturers, such as Hoyer, Bestcare, Invacare, & Liko, transferring loved ones will become as simple as 1, 2, & 3. Back injuries will be a thing of the past! 

What Is A Patient Lift?

A Patient Lift also known as a Hoyer Lift is a lifting mechanism that uses a harness/sling that goes around the user and then after attaching to the mechanism the user can be lifted. A patient lift is one of the safest ways to transfer a user, and can be used to effectively transfer users. Patient Lifts are commonly used in hospitals, nursing centers, and dialysis centers. Patients lifts are especially useful for patients with fractures or patients who need to be handled with extreme care. The patient lift can slowly lift and lower a user thus avoiding the risk of further complications during recovery. 

Types Of Patient Lifts:

Manual Patient Lift

Manual Patient Lifts are the most economical options for users looking for a simple patient transferring solution. Manual patient lifts use a hydraulic crank that must be pumped in order to begin raising the user. Once the user is lifted succesfully the pump has a release lever to then begin lowering the patient down. We reccomend manual patients lifts for users who have 2 people doing the lifting. One person can operate the pump of the patient lift while the other is next to the patient being lifted ensuring that they are being raised and lowered safetly. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies has a huge selection of manual patient lifts available.

Electric Patient Lifts

Electric Patinet Lifts are the most popular patient lifts available on the market. They are very easy to operate as the unit will lift the user electrically via a hand remote. The main benefit of an electric patient lift is that the user can be safetly lifted by only one user. That user can secure the patient inside of the sling and then while lifting they can grab the hand control and stand directly next to the patient while they are being raised. This is a huge benefit as it allows for only one user to do the lifting operation safetly. The other benefit is that there is no need for a manual crank. This can benefit users who are heavier as cranking can become very difficult when lifting a heavier user. For patient with caregivers we reccomend the electric patient lift as it can ensure a safe and easy transfer without putting stress on the patient and cargiver.

Sit-To-Stand Patient Lifts

Sit-To-Stand Patient Lifts are different from a traditional patient lift. A normal patient lift will lift the entire user up using the sling that goes around them, where as a Sit-To-Stand lift will lift the patient into a standing position. Sit-To-Stand lifts are great because they allow for users to stand and maintain a standing position which is great for standing therapy. In order for the Sit-To-Stand lift to be effective users will ned to be able to bear some weight. For users who are unable to bear weight on the legs Sit-To-Stand lift are also able to lift users in a seated position which is great for seated transfer from a wheelchair to the side of a bed or from a wheelchair to the toilet. Sit-To-Stand lifts come in both manual and electric and feature a variety of slings to choose from.

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