Manual Wheelchairs

Sherman Oaks Medical carries a wide variety of manual wheelchairs. Chose from the most basic manual wheelchairs to the most advanced manual wheelchairs. We carry transport chairs, which are wheelchairs that must be pushed by someone other than the user; standard manual wheelchairs, which may be self-propelled & pushed by someone other than the user; ultra light manual wheelchairs, which are the lightest self-propelling manual wheelchairs; & everything else in between! Stop by our showroom in Los Angeles to check out the manufacturers we carry, including TiLite, Quickie, & Karman.

What Is A Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a manually operated device used for independent mobility for someone with a disability. The device is operated by the users hands to grip and spin the wheels moving the user around. Wheelchairs help with short term recovery or long term care for mobility. There are many types of wheelchairs that vary depending on the needs of the user.

Our service area covers most of Southern California including Los Angeles and surrounding cities.
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