Respiratory Care

Oxygenation is priority for those who have respiratory issues. For people who have cancer, COPD, or heart attacks and strokes, the assistance of respiratory therapy equipment is critical for them to breathe comfortably and enjoy a "normal" life. Sherman Oaks Medical carries many of the leading names in the respiratory care industry, including Philips Respironics, Airsep, & Invacare. We carry a range of products including portable & stationary oxygen concentrators and aerosol therapy for those with chronic lung conditions. Sherman Oaks Medical also carries the Medline Vac-Assist Suction Aspirator. Let Sherman Oaks Mediacl help you breathe a little easier!

  • Stationary Oxygen Concentrators: A Stationary Oxygen Concentrator's main function is to take in air from their surroundings, separate the oxygen from the gases in the air, and deliver the oxygen through a breathing tube. A Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is larger and heavier than a Portable, but they offer higher flow rates, benefiting users who need more oxygen. Stationary Oxygen Concentrators can deliver 3 to 10 liters of oxygen per minute. These concentrators are typically designed to remain at home, and are not accustomed for constant travel.
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Portable Oxygen Concentrators have the same functions and concept as a Stationary Oxygen Concentrator, however, the main difference being that Portable Oxygen Concentrators are equipped for travelling and moving around. They are small, battery packed, can be plugged into a car charger and can even fit into a backpack, allowing the user easier means of transportation. Portable Oxygen Concentrators are better suited for users who require less amounts of oxygen.
  • Suction Machines: Suction Machines are machines that suction out blood, vomit, mucus, or saliva from the users airways. The machines are not supposed to cause pain to the user as it fulfills its purpose. The Suction Machines use a tube called a catheter to suction out the substances, and dispense them into a jar that is attached to the machine.
  • Pulse Oximeters: Pulse Oximeter is a test that measures the oxygen level of the blood. It is painless, and tracks how efficiently your blood is being transferred to parts of your body that are far from your heart. In order to perform this test, a clip is placed either on the finger or earlobe, using light to check the amount of oxygen that is circulating in the blood. There are many reasons as to why a user may need a Pulse Oximetery, including post surgery check ups, check the efficiency of lung medicine, or to check for signs of sleep apnea.
  • Sleep Therapy Machines: Sleep Therapy Machines are used to ensure the users airways will not be blocked throughout their sleep, making sure they can breathe while they sleep. With these masks, users suffering from sleep apnea can sleep throughout the night without snoring and without waking up throughout the night. Sleep apnea causes individuals to feel groggy and restless, but Sleep Therapy Machines aid with maintaining a stable and consistent night's sleep. There are various forms of these machines, including CPAP machines, BiPAP, VPAP, Bi-Level Machines, CPAP Nasal Masks, and CPAP Full Face Masks.
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