Rehab Equipment

The world of rehab equipment can get pretty confusing for someone who has no clue about rehabilitative medical supplies. That is where Sherman Oaks Medical and their expert staff comes into play to take the burden off of your shoulders! There are many different types of rehab equipment to choose from; however, Sherman Oaks Medical specializes mainly in rehab power wheelchairs. Our rehab power wheelchairs are all custom ordered chairs that have been configured to match the user's specific needs and requirements in order for the wheelchair to  be safe and appropriate for the existing diagnosis. Each accessory is designed for a specific reason in mind, both medically and functionally. Our rehab power wheelchairs guarantee that the user will have more freedom, independence, and a significant improvement in their quality of life.   

  • Rehab Shower Equipment and Chairs: Rehab Shower Chairs are chairs that are used to get the user to and from the shower. They are safe to use in the bath, and are made from a tough steel frame to prevent rusting. The chair is also equipped with wheels and brakes, allowing the user to move independently or be pushed by a second party. In addition, the chair comes with swing away footrests and removable armrests to simplify the task of transporting the user.
  • Rehab Standing and Transfer Aids Transfer Aids core function is to transport individuals from one place to another, usually done with the help of a caregiver. Standing Aids provides assistance to users who struggle to remain in an upright position, and also helps users with general transfers to locations such as the bathroom.
  • Rehab Electric Wheelchairs Rehab Electric Wheelchairs main purpose is to offer stability, freedom, easier means of transportation all while giving users the support they need through injuries or disabilities. The chairs can be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual user.
  • Our service area covers most of Southern California including Los Angeles and surrounding cities.
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