Wheelchair Cushions

When it comes to comfort, Sherman Oaks Medical has got you covered! We carry a variety of cushions for manual wheelchairs & power wheelchairs. Choose from Honeycomb Cushions, Foam Cushions, Gel Cushions, or Air Cushions. Stop by our showroom in Los Angeles to feel them out for yourselves & decide which one is perfect for you. Sherman Oaks Medical carries the best manufacturers, highest quality, & guaranteed lowest prices. We also offer free online shipping & manufacturer warranty is included.

  • Honeycomb Cushions Honeycomb Cushions are comprised of multiple layers that individuals can easily sink into while still being supported. The cushions focus on providing pressure relief and comfort to the user. The cushions can also be cleaned in the washer and dryer, making it ideal for users who suffer from incontinence problems.
  • Foam and Memory Foam Combination Cushions Foam and Memory Foam Combination Cushions are very light and can also be easily cut to fit the needs of the user. Pressure points are significantly reduced with memory foam cushions, as the cushion provides complete support and keeps the user elevated.
  • Gel and Foam Combination Cushions Gel cushions help bony areas of the skin, keeping them cushioned and supported in order to avoid pressure sores. The pain of pressure is significantly reduced with this combination, as it provides soft cushions to even it out and support the body.
  • Air Cushions/Air and Foam Combination Cushions Air Cushions aid in wheelchair users who need better skin protection and comfort while sitting. Air cells help distribute the weight evenly to provide the best protection for skin. The cushion can also be inflated to match the perfect elevation and comfort level.
  • Specialty Cushions Specialty Cushions provide comfort and protection to any chair, wheelchair, or toilet seat. They can also be used as head/neck cushions for post-surgery injuries, and ensure that pressure injuries do not occur. Correct weight distribution is provided, allowing the user to be fully protected and comfortable.
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