Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps

Sherman Oaks Medical is a strong believer in the improvement of quality of life. Being in a power or manual wheelchair does not mean having to be restricted to only your house; however, unfortunately, power wheelchairs & heavy manual wheelchairs may sometimes confine users to their homes due to the fact that the users simply do not have the means to go down the stairs. Sherman Oaks Medical has the perfect solution. Our lifts & ramps can help you get your freedom back. Ranging from different sizes & styles, ramps can be installed either indoors or on entrances. Lifts can also be installed on cars. Based upon the vehicle, the mobility aid, and the individual's needs, our expert staff can help in making your purchase. 

  • Wheelchair Ramps: A Wheelchair Ramp is a flat surface plane positioned at an angle, providing users with wheelchairs a safe alternative to stairs. This allows those with wheelchairs easier access to entering cars, buildings, etc. There are various types of ramps, including Single Fold Ramps, Multi Fold Ramps, Threshold Ramps, Solid Ramps, Van Ramps and Custom Pathway Ramps.
  • Car Lifts: Car Lifts save users interior space and preserves storage all while still transporting the needed manual wheelchair. The car lift attaches to the back of most vehicles, providing space for the wheelchair to be attached to it as the car drives. There are three types of car lifts, including Manual Wheelchair Car Lifts, Power Wheelchair Car Lifts, and Mobility Scooter Car Lifts.
  • Our service area covers most of Southern California including Los Angeles and surrounding cities.
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