Full-Electric Hospital Bed Rental

Invacare (Model: Rent-Hospital-Bed-Full)
Weekly: $85.00
Monthly: $185.00 + Delivery
What's Included
Full-Electric Hospital Bed
Side Rails of Your Choice (Half or Full)
Basic Foam Mattress
Rent-to-Buy Option (Only first month's payment applies towards purchase)

The Full Electric Hospital Bed gives the core functions needed for a bed rental. The bed frame has an electric head, foot, and base. This economy bed is ideal for short-term use, such as after surgery or for recovering patients. The rental includes a basic foam mattress and choice of half or full side rails.

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Disassembles Weight Capacity Sleep Surface
Yes 450 lbs. 36" x 80"

Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed Rental

The Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed is our most popular rental bed. The rental is available to all local customers residing in Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California cities. Our rental beds are in great condition and all previously rented beds undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation process. The bed rental includes a basic foam mattress and a pair of either half or full side rails. Upgraded mattress options are available for patients in need of a soft sleep surface or for skin protection. Please scroll down to view the mattress options.

About The Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed

The Invacare® Full-Electric Bed offers the greatest convenience for the patient and caregiver. The easy-to-use pendant control provides motorized positioning of the upper body and knees, and also adjusts bed frame height for efficient use of accessories and for safe and easy transfer.

Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed Features:

  • DC Low Voltage
  • Bed Height: 15″ min – 23″ Max. (Measurement from floor to bed deck.)
  • Sleep Surface: 36″W x 80″L
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.


Q: What is the main difference between this bed and the semi-electric?
A: The full electric hospital bed offers a third motor that moves the whole bed up and down (height adjustment). With the semi-electric hospital bed, you would have to bend down and crank it manually to raise the hospital bed.

Q: If I like the bed, can I purchase it?
A: Yes. If you like the bed, we will apply the first months rental and delivery charge to the purchase price of the bed.

Q: Is the bed compatible with a patient lift?
A: Yes, the hospital bed has an open bottom, allowing the patient lift easy access to roll in and out.

Q: What type of rails should I choose?
A: Half Side Rails are recommended for patients who are able to get in and out of the bed on their own. Full Side Rails are recommended for people who are at risk of falling or suffer from Alzheimer's or Dementia.

Q: What bed sheets can I use with this bed?
A: Hospital beds are considered to be Twin Long beds, which means size 36"W x 80"L sheets will be required. We offer both a Fitted Bottom Sheet for $19.95 and a 3-Piece Sheet Set, which includes the Fitted Bottom Sheet, a Top Sheet, and a Standard Pillowcase, for $45.95.

Side Rails Options

Choose between half length side rails or full side rails with your hospital bed rental.

Half Side Rail
Half Side Rails

Included With Rental

  • Aids the user to get in and out of bed
  • Covers the area from the shoulder to the head of the bed.
  • Allows for the user to move in and out of the bed alone.
Full Side Rail
Full Side Rails

Included With Rental

  • User cannot drop down the rails without assistance.
  • Prevents the user from getting out of bed unassisted.
  • Ideal for users with high risk of fall.

Mattress Rental Options

Below are the mattress options that come with this bed rental. You should consider the users risk of developing Pressure Ulcers or if the user already has Pressure Ulcers you should pick a mattress that's designed for their stage.

Invacare 5180 Basic Foam Mattress
Invacare 5180 Basic Foam Mattress

Included With Rental

Good for users at Low Risk of developing Pressure Ulcers

  • Firm Comfort
  • High quality 1.5 lbs. density foam yields durability, stability, and comfort in a one-piece construction
  • For temporary, short-term use
Invacare IPM1080 Softform Premier Therapeutic Support Mattress
Invacare IPM1080 Softform Premier Therapeutic Support Mattress


Ideal for users at High Risk of developing Pressure Ulcers

  • High-resiliency foam takes the shape of the user's body for a remarkable fit and comfort
  • Individual castellated cells augment body contact to effectively reduce pressure
  • Its fluid-resistant, four-way stretch cover protects the user's skin from wounds, damages, and other abrasion
Roho Sofflex 2 Air Mattress Replacement System
ROHO Sofflex 2 Air Mattress Replacement System


Ideal for users with Stage I or II Pressure Ulcers

  • ROHO’s Shape Fitting Technology allows for redistribution of pressure which provides protection for the skin and soft tissue.
  • Three separate sections create a multi-zoned support surface, allowing for a more personalized fit and maximum adjustability.
  • Inflation ports on the side allow for quick & easy access and inflation to each section.
  • The cover not only is fluid-resistant, but flame-resistant as well. The cover can easily be disinfected and cleaned without damaging or ruining the material.
Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress
Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress


Ideal for users with Stage II or III Pressure Ulcers

  • Pressure adjustments available for customized comfort for the user (25%, 50%, or 75%).
  • Manual fowler button is there to prevent bottoming out
  • Dual layered & quilted nylon cover aids in the reduction of friction and shear
American National Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress
American National Alternating Pressure w/ On-Demand Low Air Loss Mattress


Ideal for users with Stage III or IV Pressure Ulcers

  • Domestic high strength mattress construction
  • Fowler feature for seat inflation when head is elevated
  • Dual modes of therapy
  • Power consumption is kept at a minimum
  • Lockout to eliminate unintentional settings change
  • Caregiver is alerted by the sensor alarm if and when there is a kink in the hose or a leak in the mattress

Optional Hospital Bed Accessories

In addition to your hospital bed with side rails rental and mattress rental you can also add additional items to fit your needs better.

Over-The-Bed Table Rental
Over-The-Bed Table Rental


  • Gives user the advantage to read, write, eat, etc.
  • The table is on wheels, allowing the user to be able to move it out of their way if necessary.
Bed Extension Kit & Invacare Soft Form Premier Mattress 84 Inches
Bed Extension Kit & Invacare Soft Form Premier Mattress 84"


  • Ideal for users with a height of 6'2" and above
  • Combined with an 84" long Invacare Softform Premier Therapeutic Support Mattress for added comfort.
Offset Trapeze Bar Rental
Offset Trapeze Bar Rental


  • Help’s the user change positions while laying in the bed, and aids them to transfer from the bed to chairs with minimum attendant assistance.
  • Wide range of height adjustments and hand bar positions are available to maximize the user's accessibility.
  • Weight Capacity of 168 lbs.
Dimensions: 88"L x 15"-23"H x 36"W
Sleep Surface: 80"L x 36"W
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
Code Approval: Regulatory Standard: UL962, CSA Certified

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