Patient Lift Rentals

Patient Lifts are used to assist caregivers to hoist patients with limited mobility. When it comes to taking care of a person who is temporarily or permanently disabled, the job can involve helping the person get in and out of chairs, beds or other situations. This is physically taxing for the caregiver and can lead to soreness and even injuries.

This problem can be eliminated by using a patient lift. These patient lifts are constructed to provide assistance in lifting a person to prepare them for transport. The patient lift hoists the patient off of their chair and gets them ready to be moved to another room or another place. It's a safe system for the patient that also reduces the physical strain on the caregiver.

Weight Weight Capacity
70 lbs. 450 lbs.
Hydraulic / Manual Patient Lift Rental (Model: Rent-Manual-Patient-Lift)
The manual patient lift rental features a hydraulic pump that must be manually pumped in order to lift the user. Manual Patient lifts are simple to use and can lift from either the bed, wheelchair, or even the floor if necessary.
Monthly: $90.00
Weight Weight Capacity
96 lbs. 350 lbs.
Power / Electric Patient Lift Rental (Model: Rent-Power-Patient-Lift)
The Electric Patient Lift Rental is a great lift for safe patient transferring. The lift has a 500lb weight capacity, so it is strong and can lift users of all different sizes. The lift also features a 4-Point boom allowing for a more comfortable feel for the patient inside of the sling. The lift is also able to lift from the floor.
Weekly: $250.00
Monthly: $350.00
Weight Weight Capacity
90 lbs. 350 lbs.
Hydraulic Stand Up Patient Lift Rental by Invacare (Model: Rent-Standing-Patient-Lift)
The manual sit-to-stand patient lift is a simple and easy to use option for patient transferring. The lift has a manual pump that lifts the user up and down. The lift can also lift in 2 different ways depending on the sling used. The standing sling will lift from around the back and stand the patient. The transport sling will lift from around the back and under the legs lifting the user in a seated position.
Monthly: $150.00
Weight Weight Capacity
100 lbs. 340 lbs.
Electric / Power Standing Patient Lift Rental (Model: Rent-Power-Standing-Lift)
The Electric Standing patient lift is a safe and easy way to transfer a user. The lift is completely electric and will do almost all of the work in standing the patient. The person doing the lifting must ensure that the sling is correctly placed and that the lift if properly positioned for the user. Once both of these are met then they can begin lifting with the hand control.
Weekly: $300.00
Monthly: $450.00
Weight Weight Capacity
70 lbs. 350 lbs.
Rifton Tram Lift (Gait Trainer & Sit-To-Stand Lift) Rental by Rifton (Model: Rent-Rifton-Tram-Lift)
The Rifton Tram is the only 2-in-1 Gait Trainer available. The lift serves as a Sit-To-Sit transfer device or you can use the walking harness which will turn the device into a gait trainer. The unit has an abundance of features that make it beneficial for patients needing standing / walking therapy.
Weekly: $349.00
Monthly: $599.00
Weight Weight Capacity
80 lbs. 400 lbs.
Standing Transfer Aid Rental (Model: Rent-Standing-Transfer-Aid)
Monthly: $150.00
Weight Weight Capacity
69 lbs. 340 lbs.
Portable Power / Electric Patient Lift Rental (Model: Rent-Portable-Patient-Lift)
Weekly: $300.00
Monthly: $400.00
Weight Weight Capacity
125 lbs. 600 lbs.
Bariatric Power / Electric Patient Lift Rental (Model: Rent-HD-Power-Patient-Lift)
Weekly: $350.00
Monthly: $450.00

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